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Lush Curly Hairstyle


Healthy, Beautiful, Professionally Styled Hair

We're here to help you to achieve healthy and beautiful hair that is tailored to your look and personality. Our award-winning stylists are knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals who will listen to your needs and develop an individualized plan. If you can dream it, we can do it! Take a look at some of our talented stylists' work:

Hair Colouring

*All pricing may vary per stylist.

Single Colour

Short $90

Medium $100

Long $150

A single hair colour service is the perfect way to refresh your look and give your hair a boost. When you get it done by a professional hairstylist at Terra Nova Salon & Day Spa, you'll know we're using only the best products and techniques to keep your hair healthy.


Short $90

Medium $165

Long $200

They're used to add dimension and depth to your hair by creating highlights or lowlights. It's a quick and painless process, and you'll walk away with beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

Foils & Base Colour

Short $90

Medium $175

Long $225

The process involves applying highlights with a root colour or a lowlight. This allows the stylist to create a more natural, dimensional look resulting in full, shiny hair that glows with health.  


Medium $180

Long $225

Extra Long $250

Our professional hair artists will selectively hand-paint colour onto your hair into foils to achieve a sweeping colour with depth and dimension.

Hair Colour Correcton

Price determined upon consultation.

If you've got a hair disaster on your hands or maybe you just aren't quite satisfied, our hair stylist can save the day and apply their professional expertise to correct your colour, improve your cut and save your hair!

Root Touch Up


Hair Cut & Style

Terra Nova offers clients a beautiful style and a professional and memorable experience in our salon to compliment any special occasion. We offer hair cuts to men, women, children and can offer styles, formal up-dos, hair extensions, blowouts and more!

Men's Cut $34 
Women’s Cut $64 
Kids 1-6 Cut  $24

Formal Style starting at $75 

Girls Cut 12 & Under $42

Girls Cut 13-18 $50
Boys Cut 12 & Under $23

Boys Cut 13-18 $27

Hair Extensions

Pricing determined upon consultation.

Keratin & Conditioning Treatments

Pricing determined upon consultation.

Kashmir Biotex Smoothing

Containing a high concentration of Keratin, this treatment restores and re-builds the treated hair leaving the hair soft, smooth and manageable. It wraps the hair with Keratin and repairs the damaged areas of the hair. The change is evident within the first wash and the health of the hair is considerably evident within the first time. Benefits include:

  • Immediately healthy looking hair

  • Brilliant shine and less visible split ends

  • Strength to promote hair growth and less breakage

  • Serious frizz reduction

Biotex and Keratin molecules located within the Kashmir Keratin Hair Biotex converge and join the affected parts of the hair including the sections of protein and keratin that are damaged. Kashmir Hair Biotex advanced properties penetrate the hair material and make the necessary corrections, which include closing spaces in which the protein is lacking. This is the essence of the Biotex treatment by allowing hair treated with Kashmir Hair Biotex look healthier and full of luster.

  • Vitamins and minerals that are found in Kashmir Hair Biotex recharge the hair and restore it from within the hair shaft, the treatment is maintained over time and prolongs the life of the hair.

  • The secret behind Kashmir Hair Biotex treatments are the natural microscopic particles, which encourage the absorption of vitamins, antioxidants and proteins into the hair.

  • This treatment brings remarkable results quality with little aftercare restrictions. You won't have to worry about getting your hair wet after this treatment! 

  • Kashmir Hair Biotex treatments are also effective for the rehabilitative care of hair, as they help fight hair loss.

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