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Did You Know Well Water Could Be Affecting Your Hair?

Hey there!

Ever wondered if the water you wash your hair with has anything to do with those bad hair days? Well, if you're using well water, it just might! You see, well water can be full of minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium, which can really mess with your hair's vibe.

So, What's Happening with Your Hair?

  • Mineral Buildup: That well water can leave minerals hanging out on your hair, making it feel heavy and look a bit dull. Not the best accessory, right?

  • Playing with Your Colour: If you've got colour-treated hair, you might notice it looking a bit off. Thanks to our "friend" iron in the water, your beautiful blonde could turn brassy, or your cool brunette might get some greenish hints. Yikes!

  • Feeling the Texture: And it's not just about looks. Those minerals can make your hair feel different, too—frizzier, drier, or just plain unruly.

But Don't Worry, There's Hope!

  • Clarifying Shampoo: Think of this as your hair's new best friend. Using it once a week can kick those pesky minerals to the curb, bringing back your hair's natural shine and bounce.

  • Water Filters: These can be game-changers! Installing a filter can reduce those hair-hassling minerals in your well water.

  • Expert Help: Places like Terra Nova Salon & Spa are pros at dealing with this. They've got treatments that can help get your hair back on track.

So, What's Next?

If you're noticing some weird changes with your hair and you're on well water, it might be time to take action. Whether it's trying out a new hair care routine at home or popping into a salon like Terra Nova for some professional TLC, you've got options.

Remember, your hair's health and beauty are totally worth it. So, here's to happy hair days ahead, no matter what kind of water flows from your tap!

Catch you later,

Your Friends at Terra Nova Salon & Spa


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